"Supporting couples who are united in love across traditional Christian divisions and promoting acceptance of these relationships within Northern Ireland society"


NIMMA has produced a range of publications which are available either to download or through our office. These provide advice on topics related to mixed marriage and also reflect research and writings on experience of mixed marrriage and wider society.Published by NIMMA

Our leaflets are available to download and provide an introduction to NIMMA, advice for those Getting Married and information on Baptism.

Our larger publications include a useful guide to Mixed Marriage in Ireland, an exploration of the experiences of couples in mixed marriage over decades in Mixed Emotions and Evaluating the Impact which researched the impact of NIMMA over 30 plus years.

"Both Sides Now", exploring the experiences of children of mixed marriages in their own words, was published in March 2015. All these publications are available by email to info@nimma.org.uk.


  • Mixed emotions
  • Mixed Marriage in Ireland
  • Evaluating the Impact

All love stories are unique and the ten accounts of mixed marriage told in the latest NIMMA publication, launched at the Long Gallery at Stormont on 29 February 2012, are no exception. Each story is shared in openness and with courage and their collective experience, stretching over seven decades, shows how society has changed and yet how it remains the same. Their experiences show how relationships can be made to blossom, even when it is made most difficult for those involved, and we can all learn from from their experience as they show us how in the face of adversity, we can aspire and achieve far beyond our common divisions. The publication was authored by Paul McLaughlin, funded by the Big Lottery Fund and supported through Volunteer Now.

Mixed Marriage in Ireland

Our publication "Mixed Marriage in Ireland" is a useful companion guide for those involved in or about to be involved in a mixed marriage. It provides practical advice on preparing for a mixed marriage and on raising children in a mixed marriage. Many have found it provides useful information which clarifies an often confusing situation and helps couples decide what is best for them.

You can obtain a copy by contacting us (a small charge is requested to cover costs). Read more.

A report published by the Northern Ireland Mixed Marriage Association (NIMMA) stresses that, despite more than one in ten marriages now being mixed, there is still much to do to create greater awareness and acceptance of interchurch marriage. The academic study of the work and impact of NIMMA represents the most recent in-depth look at the area of mixed marriage, with all of its connotations for church practice, education, housing and tolerance, to have been undertaken in Ireland. It is an accessible and valuable piece of social history which, while documenting the past, lays down guidelines for the future. Copies of the report are now available from NIMMA at Bryson House, Bedford Street, Belfast BT2 7FE or by e-mailing info@nimma.org.uk or telephoning Belfast 90 235444. Read more.

Introduction to NIMMA

Introduction to NIMMAThis introductory leaflet provides information on NIMMA, the services it offers and how we can be of help. Available through our office.

Getting Married

This leaflet gives helpful, Getting Married leafletstraightforward advice to couples in or comtemplating a mixed marriage or relationship. Download available.


Baptism Leaflet

The leaflet on baptism explains how baptism, often a source of contention involving families, can be addressed within a mixed marriage. Download available.

Other publications by NIMMA are available by contacting us. A small charge is made to cover postage and printing as NIMMA is a small voluntary organisation. You can read testimony to our publications in our Newsletters.We also have a wide reference of relevent material available through our web links section.