"Supporting couples who are united in love across traditional Christian divisions and promoting acceptance of these relationships within Northern Ireland society"


At times you may appreciate the opportunity to discuss issues with someone with similar experience. We have discovered ways of overcoming problems and can offer help to couples and families in a similar situation. If you wish to talk with one of our volunteers, we will fully respect your privacy. We can provide you with information to help you and your partner make choices which are right for you as a couple. Contact us on 07706285042 or by email.


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You can email us to request a copy of our Guide to Mixed Marriage in Ireland. This provides a range of valuable information for couples in mixed relationships on the choices they can make.

Leaflets on marriage and on baptism can be downloaded in our publications section.

NIMMA members can provide information on a wide aspect of issues releveant to mixed partnerships. We have helped people in distress and suffering intimidation. We have helped people who were suffering family rejection and issolation due to their choice of partner. We have helped couples make their own decisions on religous and educational choices for their children. We can help.

Further information on mixed marriage and the experiences of those in mixed marriage is available. Visit our links section for information from other sites and view our news index for information in our own newsletter. You may find the edition which features the couples from our Mixed Emotions publication particularly interesting.

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YWhile the ability to get married has become easier over the years, the issue of baptisms has become more difficult.  As couples no longer convert in order to be a single-tradition family, the desire to baptize their children into both traditions represented by the mother and father is a natural consequence.

In the early days, ecumenical or joint baptisms that were concelebrated (meaning that clergy from both traditions poured the water and made the sign of the cross) were done in much greater frequency.  However, in the last 15-20 years, the ability to baptize one’s children in this manner has become more difficult as all church authorities have frowned upon joint baptisms.

Additionally, NIMMA sought to use the joint baptisms as examples of ecumenical cooperation.  In a time of conflict, the power of seeing both clergy, standing side by side, welcoming a child into their folds sent a powerful message.  To this day, clerical cooperation at baptisms shows solidarity and NIMMA encourages such actions among those they know as a way to model an alternative means of living with and among one another in this divided society.


We can provide support and information to clergy who are in dialogue with couples over a mioxed marriage or baptism. Contact us.

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NIMMA members are available to speak to Interchurch Forums, Church Groups, Relationship Organisations, Historical Groups, Community bodies or indeed any group that is interested in the spitirual, social or historical dimensions around mixed marriage. Please email us to arrange.