"Supporting couples who are united in love across traditional Christian divisions and promoting acceptance of these relationships within Northern Ireland society"


NIMMA pursues many activities throughout the year, ranging from informal social evenings to personal meetings with couples seeking information. You can read about our many activities in our newsletter. Our main activities, can be categorised as follows:

  1. Providing support,  to couples and families involved in mixed marriage and /relationships

  2. Raising public awareness of the issue of mixed marriage/relationships and of NIMMA's support services 

  3. Providing information to support research into the issues relevant to mixed marriage/relationships

  4. Lobbying policy makers, churches and organisations to address the needs of couples and families involved in mixed marriage/relationships on issues such as housing

  5. Generating discussion on mixed marriage through conferences and publications

  6. Representing NIMMA at events and conferences, including international gatherings on interchurch marriage

  7. Giving talks on mixed marriage to interested groups and organisations. Please contact us for further details.
  • Publications
  • Contact

NIMMA is a registered charity. Most of our activities are undertaken by volunteers. We always welcome new members.Our continued service depends upon annual grant applications and donations. We are grateful for all support given.

Our main funding currently is through the Reconciliation Fund operated by the Department of Foreign Affairs. We also undertake funded projects such as the recent "Mixed Emotions" publication which is funded through the Big Lottery. We have also received funding from the Anchor Foundation for at research publication evaluating the impact of NIMMA on people and society in Northern Ireland. We have previously received funded from from the Belfast City Council's Good Relations Unit for our annual conference.

NIMMA has produced a range of publications which are available either to download or through our office. These provide advice on topics related to mixed marriage and also reflect research and writings on experience of mixed marrriage and wider society.

Our leaflets are available to download and provide advice for those Getting Married and information on Baptism.

You can contact us by e-mailing to info@nimma.org.uk.

Pastoral Care

NIMMA's role involves helping the clergy to understand the concept and practicalities of Inter-Church marriage. NIMMA has spent much time working with the clergy to help them understand the particular difficulties, and advantages, of mixed marriages. This has led to a change of attitudes and changes to some rules within the four main churches. Read more.


Housing segration is major issue in Northern Ireland and raises particular difficulties for couples in mixed marriages.

NIMMA has been influential in encouraging the development of shared housing in Northern Ireland. Couples applying for social housing can now voice their preference to live in a shared housing environment. Read more.


Awareness of mixed marriage has much improved in recent times. NIMMA publications "Mixed Emotions" and "Both Sides Now" stimulated a wider debate in society as couples came forward to talk about their personal experiences in mixed marriages. A positive view of mixed marriage is emerging as couples increasingly speak out to tell their real stories and share their experiences. These publications are also being used as educations tools for young people.