"Supporting couples who are united in love across traditional Christian divisions and promoting acceptance of these relationships within Northern Ireland society"

The Northern Ireland Mixed Marriage Association (NIMMA) was founded in 1974 as a result of a conference held at Corrymeela.We provide country-wide support and information to couples either in or contemplating mixed marriage. In a society where sectarianism is institutionalised, NIMMA continues to lobby for the acceptance of mixed marriage, increased integrated education and wider availability of shared social housing. Much has changed since those early days and NIMMA has played a major role in influencing landmark changes in clerical attitudes and regulations toward mixed marriage to such an extent that it has never been easier to make a mixed marriage. NIMMA strives for changes to baptismal restrictions imposed by all the major denominations, for eucharistic sharing for interchurch couples, true reconciliation and a shared future for all.You can download a short 5 minute video which includes information on NIMMA.

Both Sides Now

NIMMA have just published "Both Sides Now", a sequel to "Mixed emotions", and where children within mixed marriages tell their story. The publication was launched on 30 March by Professor Pete Shirlow, Deputy Director of the Institute for Conflict Transformation and Social Justice at Queens University, Belfast.

Professor Shirlow notes in his forward "These individual stories, real life experiences in the words of the people themselves, speak of hope and courage, compromise and determination. They tell of good times and bad, of love and prejudice, of diference and division, but they also speak of family as a force for good, often against all the odds." The book is available by contacting NIMMA and was funded through the Big Lottery Fund.

Other recent initiatives include:Mixed Marriages

  • Through the production and publication of ‘Mixed Emotions’ we told the stories of mixed marriage couples over the decades. Our follow up publication "Both Sides Now" is being launched in March 2015 and focuses on the stories of children in mixed marriages.
  • NIMMA is pleased to have worked in partnership with the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education to develop a play based on the NIMMA Mixed Emotions publication. This is a valuable teaching resource aimed primarily for young people. A video of the play, and accompanying discussion, can be viewed on You Tube by searching on "Mixed Emotions play Belfast" or use this link.

NIMMA welcomes contributions by those who could help us take these important projects forward. Please contact us at 028 90235444 or email


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The March 2015 edition of our Newsletter covers the new publication of stories from chilkdren within mixed marriages, "Both Sides Now".

Where you can live and how your children are educated are important issues for many, particularly people in mixed relationships. The December 2014 edition of NIMMA news outlines NIMMA's role in a new Governmental Committee developing Shared Housing and also contains an interesting feature on integrated education.

The September 2014 edition celebrates an inter-faith service in Belfast featuring five of the world's leading religions and anticipates the "Both Sides Now" publication with a feature on the cover photograph. It also covers NIMMA's contributuion ot the digital archive and stories network, puttting the "conflict" into context.

Both Sides Now is the most recent publication undertaken by NIMMA. Following on from Mixed Emotions, this book documents the lives and stories of children raised within a mixed marriage. They reflect on their childhood experience within a mixed marriange and in their own words provide commentary on their personal experience.

All love stories are unique and the ten accounts of mixed marriage told in the latest NIMMA publication "Mixed emotions" are no exception. Couples share their collective experience, stretching over seven decades. You learn how society has changed and yet how it remains the same. Their reveal how relationships can be made to blossomin face of opposition and we learn how to aspire and achieve far beyond our common divisions. The publication was authored by Paul McLaughlin, funded by the Big Lottery Fund and supported through Volunteer Now.

A report published by the Northern Ireland Mixed Marriage Association (NIMMA) stresses that, despite more than one in ten marriages now being mixed, there is still much to do to create greater awareness and acceptance of interchurch marriage. The academic study of the work and impact of NIMMA represents the most recent in-depth look at the area of mixed marriage, with all of its connotations for church practice, education, housing and tolerance, to have been undertaken in Ireland. It is an accessible and valuable piece of social history which, while documenting the past, lays down guidelines for the future. Copies of the report are now available from NIMMA at Bryson House, Bedford Street, Belfast BT2 7FE or by e-mailing info@nimma.org.uk or telephoning Belfast 90 235444. Read more.

Are you in a mixed relationship?

Our publication "Mixed Marriage in Ireland" is a useful companion guide for those involved in or contemplating a mixed marriage. It provides practical advice on preparing for a mixed marriage and on raising children within a mixed marriage. It provides useful information which clarifies an often confusing situation and helps couples decide what is best for them. You can obtain a copy by contacting us. A small charge is requested to cover costs.

Further publications available from NIMMA include "Mixed Emotions", the stories from a range of couples in mixed marriages told in their own words. "Evaluating the Impact" prresents research into the impact of NIMMA on couples, on churches and on society.

Contacting NIMMA

NIMMA helps people and families involved in or embarking on a mixed marriage.We are availalbe to speak to groups interested in knowing more about mixed relationships, including the history of mixed marriages in Ireland.You can contact us as follows;

Our address:

NIMMA, 28 Bedford Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland BT2 7FE

Telephone: (028) 9023 5444

Email: info@nimma.org.uk:

Supporting NIMMA

NIMMA is a registered charity and depends on membership, on our volunteers and on grants. Our main funding source is the Reconciliation Fund of the Department of Foreign Affairs and we have recently received core funding through the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

We also depend upon grant aid for specific projects, conferences, publications and research. Taking forward our development projects will depend upon obtaining funding and support. We would welcome your help.